Prime Minister Narendra Modi now in Jharkhand for the inauguration of Ganga Bridge between Sahibganj and Katihar

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi is in Jharkhand for the inauguration of Ganga river Bridge. The Prime Minister of India is welcomed by Chief Minister of Jharkhand and governor Draupadi murmu. The inauguration of Ganga river bridge is caused by 2000 crore this Bridge connecting the road of Sahibganj and Katihar of Bihar. This is Bridge is the first Bridge of the Jharkhand at the river of Ganga. It may take 2 complete 2021 after that the distance between Jharkhand and Bihar decreases by 10 hours and that can be travelled in 2 hours that’s why in this way the trading and business is Gate more significantly quicker and list time.

The longest bridge of the  country all of you know that the Ganga is only found in Sahibganj at Jharkhand that is likely at 83 kilometre long in Jharkhand there is also 5 Bridge in Bihar but it is also second largest bridge of India. The range of the Bridge is approx 22 kilometre long but only 6 kilometre inside the Ganga the remaining part of this Bridge connected with approach Road.

Prime Minister also distributed tablets between the sevika


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