Daltanganjanj from Ranchi: If you have to sit inside the bus then 170 rupees freight, only 70 on the terrace

Renting from Ranchi to Daltonganj Bus is 170 rupees. But when the bus is sitting on the roof, only Rs 70 is taken from the ride. At the same time, 80 rupees for Gumla and Rs 70 for Jaspur,
After the accident, Traffic SP has instructed all traffic police stations to not ride on the roof in any bus. But the bus drivers are sitting on the roof by stopping the road after leaving the stand

The driver and conductor’s hand remains in this game of sitting on the roof of the bus. When the bus is open from the stand, all the passengers who sit in the seat have to give account to the owner. But as soon as the bus falls on the road

There are several routes from where the daily wages Labor City comes to work, and then return to the evening. The places where laborers come from are Bundu, Tamaad, Barao, Itki, Mandar, Rahe, Sonatatu, Anagra, Silly.

City rides, pick-ups and riding cars come in such labors. They also sit on the terrace in the greed of getting less rent. But the bus passengers are responsible for the responsibility of the driver and the conductor. They are also  People should not be allowed to roam in the greed of making money.


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