Forest Block Musabani lot of problem for drinking water

Musabani, Ghatshila: Villagers of the Forest Block Musabani block of Water Bloc Panchayat have become a lot of problem for drinking water.As the heat is approaching, the water crisis and deepening is going on.Where are some wells in the grass, they have gone dry and some wells have gone dry.Many of the village’s handpumps are bad, there is no one to take care of it. Villagers say there is no official here, we do not have to take care of the villagers.People’s representatives and leaders come only to vote. In the village and new handkerchief is required but the department and the government do not pay attention to it.

Because of which, the village is constrained to drink water of the waterfall, drain, but it is also not sufficient.It is quite rural and there is resentment.The villagers demanded from the government and the administration that we should be heard about the water crisis of the tribal villagers and Badda: new clampers should be installed in the village and the damaged papakal should be repaired soon.Whereby We can always drink water from the villagers as well as the cow, bullock, and goat cattle.


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