Jadhav was sentenced to death for ‘espionage and destructive activities’.

ISLAMABADD: On Wednesday (May 10), Pakistani officials banned from the International Court of Justice on the hanging of Indian civil servant Kulbhushan Jadhav, who was awarded death sentence by the military court on charges of ‘Pakistan has not officially responded to the order of the IC-based Hague.

    Local media has rejected India’s claim. Geo TV said that the ICJ does not come to Pakistan in the jurisdiction because it can take cognizance of the matter with the consent of both the parties.. Dawn’s online website has not provided any information about India’s claim to the ban. Similarly, the Express Tribune did not mention the order to stop the news on this issue..

    Jadhav (46) was sentenced to death last month. India had turned against the Pakistanis for ICJ alleging that Pakistan violated the Vienna Treaty in the Jadhav case. India has argued in its appeal that it was not informed about the arrest of Jadhav for a long time after he was arrested and Pakistan did not inform the accused about his rights.

    India said that in violation of the Vienna Treaty, Pakistani authorities rejected India’s rights of diplomatic access to Jadhav despite repeated requests. The ICJ confirmed the receipt of an application from India in a statement on May 8. External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj said in New Delhi on Tuesday (May 9th) that she talked to Jadhav’s mother and told him about the order of ICJ.

    Pakistan claims that its security forces had arrested Jadhav from the troubled Balochistan province on March 3, last year after allegedly entering Iran. Pakistan claims that Jadhav is an officer of the Indian Navy. Jadhav was sentenced to death for ‘espionage and destructive activities’.

    India has admitted that Jadhav is a navy officer but rejects any kind of relationship with the government. India said that Jadhav was abducted from Iran. India has also sent Jadhav’s mother’s appeal to Pakistan, in which her punishment has been asked to start the reversal.


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