Surnder in front of Ranchi Police : Kundan Pahan 

It was the most wanted person to hide the identity, the police did not have a photo till the Naxalite 


Jharkhand’s most wanted and 15 lakh prize naxalite Kundan Paharan surrendered before Ranchi police. He was brought to the media on Sunday afternoon at the Donda DIG office. Kundan was so adept to hide his identity, It can be estimated from this that even after years, the police did not get any of their photographs while still in the top of the Most Wanted List. Kundan Paan surrendered before the ADG campaign RK Mallik on Sunday. Police handed a check of Rs 15 lakh to Kundan. c

-The dreaded Naxalite had killed police inspector Francis Indwar and the murder kept his head 10 feet away from the corpse.
-Kundan Pahan is also accused of murdering MLA Ramesh Singh Munda and MP Sunil Mahato. It is said that there are more than 120 criminal cases registered in different locations of the province.
-The name of Kundan Pahan came to the headlines when he robbed more than five crore rupees and 50kg gold from ICICI Bank Cash van on Ranchi-Tata Road on May 21, 2008. 
-At the same time, he did not leave anyone on the horror of the Mukhbiri. In one such incident, he had killed his most trusted colleague Jyoti Munda.


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