Jamshedpur condition like Jammu Kashmir

Jamshedpur: In the case of four people killed in the murder of a child thief in Rajnagar, there was violence in many places in Jamshedpur on Saturday.Due to the fierce people being demonstrated in the protest, many places in Dhatkidih and Mango had to resort to lathi charge, air firing, tear gas and stone crusher to overcome the crowd. More than half a dozen policemen were injured in stone pelters made by the furious people. While the crowd entered and subdued inside the Mango Police Station, they also subdued.


According to the information, people at Dhatkidih burnt the tire and jammed the road at 8:30 in the morning. When the PCR DSP arrived there with the force, the people who were jumping on them pelted stones. His car was broken. Vehicle of Bistupur police station in-charge was also damaged. After a while, City SP Prashant Anand also reached there, people also pelted them. False TOP was also damaged. Due to lack of force, the police had to retreat and they came to Jusco Goalchakkar. After the mediation of some locals, people removed the jam and the situation could be overcome.

On the other hand, on Saturday morning, at around 8:30 am people started gathering at Zakir Nagar and Old Purulia Road of Mango. In Old Purulia Road, where there was a clash during an attempt to shut down the petrol pump, At the same time, the police threw inflammatory slogans in Jakirnagar road number one and two before. After that at 9.00 pm all turn started collecting near the mosque. A crowd of 400 to 500 people gathered there. The crowd, with the help of DSP KN Mishra, reached the spot and pushed the police and reached the crowd near Payal Tacciz. After reaching SSP Anoop T. Mathew, around 10 pm, the police lathi-charged to disperse the crowd. After a while, some furious people entered the inside of the Mango Police Station and subdued and demolished the station Jeep.. Meanwhile, Agadnagar’s road number one by the fierce people pelted stones at the police. At that time, RAF took the morcha and the stone-pelting and tear gas shells were abandoned to the people who were stone-pelting. Two policemen, including Uliidih police station in-charge Mukesh Chaudhary, were injured in stone pelting. The Raf’s men pushed the crowd to the Chepa bridge and managed to overcome the situation. But then the people of the other group gathered and pelted stones at Munshi Mohalla. Many shops were damaged. After that the police had to use force here too.

What is the case
Two days ago, four people were beaten to death in the village of Shobapur and Padnamasai in Rajnagar on charges of child thief. It was all connected to the same community. On the demand of compensation for the kin of the dead and the arrest of the culprits, the Muslim Ekta Manch was preparing to remove the human chain on Saturday. Also, shops were announced to keep closed. Since Saturday morning, people started gathering in many places. But violence spread due to the rush of the crowd.

SSP Anoop T. Matthew of Jamshedpur has said that there has not been a case of theft of a child. Some people are spreading rumors through social media. He has said that we have started the work of marking rumors. They have appealed to the villagers that they live in peace and do not need to guard them in the village in the rumor of the child thief. They said that the culprits will be given a severe punishment.


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