Tara Shahdev Case: Explaining the Torture Standing

The CBI filed a charge sheet against Rakibul alias Ranjit Kumar Kohli and his mother Kausher, who married the national shooter Tara Shahdev, who had betrayed him. According to the charge sheet, Rakibul and his mother Tara were forced to accept Islam forcibly. Tara’s mother-in-law had threatened her, saying, ‘Accept Islam, if not, then your bed will remain but man will change.’

The CBI has filed a charge sheet in the CBI Special Judge’s Fahim Kirmani court. According to the news of Dainik Bhaskar, many things recorded in the charge sheet filed against Raquib and his mother are very startling. The victim Tara had told in the complaint that there was a ban on her vermicelli.

Threatening to apply vermilion

Rakibul and his mother threatened to break hands and feet on vermilion. Tara said, Ranjit alias Raqibul Hassan used to draw many tactics to influence her for marriage. He was on the shooting range in the expensive trains with the officers. Tara believed that Rakibul used every possible effort to show himself a better person before marriage.

Girls’ pretend to help

She used to help girls coming to the shooting range Tara was impressed by the showy world of Ranjit. He felt that Ranjit could not have a good and influential person in this world. Tara believed that Ranjit’s reality started coming to him from the very first night of marriage.

Dowry done for dowry

Ranjit alias Raqibul is also accused of torturing Tara for dowry, while Saas and the then Jharkhand High Court’s then-Registrar (Vigilance) Mushtaq Ahmed are accused of creating criminal conspiracy. During the hearing all the accused have been instructed to issue summons to be present in the court. The next hearing of the case will be on June 1.

What was the case

The 23-year-old national shooter Tara Shahdev was married to Ranjit Kohli alias Raqibul on July 7, 2014. To marry, Raqibul had hidden his religion from Tara. 

Forced change of religion

When Rakibul’s truth came to light, he started torturing him. It is alleged that Tara’s physical and mental harassment was forcibly converted to forced conversion. The CBI started investigating this case in 2015. The main accused, Raqibul Hasan, is in jail since August 27, 2014, while his mother is out on bail.


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