The free travel and free account was eaten by this man, the truth came from a phone call

Bokaro (Jharkhand)। A person, who was traveling in the Ranchi-Patna Janshatabdi expressing himself as Anti-Corruption Bureau’s ADG, was arrested on Saturday in Bokaro. In the interrogation, the man disclosed many fraudulent frauds. He often used to travel without tickets in the AC bogie of trains. Eating favorite food was also on the pretext of the investigation of the pantryman. The phone was done to the senior DCM …

-He called the senior DCM Neeraj Kumar Ranchi Railway Board a few days ago and said that he wants to drive a drive against the rampant corruption in the railway. 

It was the free travel and free account, this man food, this man came from a phone, its true
-Ara (Bihar) resident, Krishna Mahajan, who is traveling without ticket, has been caught by the Railway Monitoring team at Gangaghat station.
-After the arrest, he threatened to suspend officers of the Railway Monitor The ACB officers asked to talk to the phone. But the officers of the monitoring took her and listened to Bokaro.
-In Bokaro, RPF and GRP police searched him, then he got four different types of fake IDs, four ATMs, two shopping cards.

The family was also free to travel

-Mishra is also home in Ranchi. He often used to travel without tickets in the AC bogie of trains. In the course of the ticket inquiry, TTE threatened to call herself ACB’s ADG.
-Being a fake officer, he used to travel for free. The food was also eaten by the excuse of the investigation of the pantry of trains. Stating that the quality was poor, the pantist was threatening the manager.
-They also travel to relatives and eat food for free. In the interrogation, he was repeatedly trying to mislead the officers of RPF and GRP by telling Ranchi the wrong address.
-The arrested Mishra had also printed the fake letter head under the name of ACB ADG PR Naidu. To get acquaintances and relatives to train in trains, using fake letter head was used to reserve berth from VIP quota.
-Not only this, by sending a message to the railway officials in the name of ADG, the seat was conferred from the VIP quota. Rail officers are suspected of repeated letter head of ADG being used to release berths from VIP Kota. The information was given to the Railway Monitor and it was caught.
-On Saturday, Mishra was traveling in the AC bogie of the Ranchi-Patna Janshatabdi Express. In the same bogie, the team of already existing railway surveillance was monitoring his activities.
-The train was stopped at Gangaghat. Mishra felt that he had an eye on his activities. He started running. But the team grabbed him and grabbed him.


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