There is a village in Jharkhand where no one can go enter without permission 

Tugalki order has been issued by Gram Sabha in Kattetand of Kolebira block of Simdega district. According to the order, no unidentified person can enter the village without permission of the Gram Sabha.

The sign board related to this has been placed at the entry point of the village. The said decision of the Gram Sabha is a matter of discussion in the area. After the decision, the people of other villages have been scared of going to the village. If in the village to meet a relative or other work, Then the gram sabhas of the village council will have to seek permission. According to the information, on June 6, the meeting of the Gram Sabha was chaired by Luther Suryan.

The decision was taken unanimously in the meeting. After the decision, no entry sign board was placed at the entry point of the village. When asked about Luther Suryan, he kept on defying the answer. However, he said that this decision is of the Gram Sabha. Here, on the question of Kunil Horo, the head of the Panchayat, he told that he has no information in this regard. Here, on the orders of the Deputy Commissioner, the in-charge and the BDO have seized the board after visiting the spot. Said that legal action will be taken against the issuing the order.


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