Something looks like scary Chandrapura-Dhanbad railway route at night

Something looks scary at night in the Chandpura-Dhanbad railway route, see the train in the Pili circle. This train line will stop from June 15, now it will not run forever, these 19 trains.

The 13 express trains which have been canceled are –

1.Darbhanga- Secunderabad Express (by Weekly)

2. Ranchi-Bhagalpur-Vannanchal Express (Daily)

3. Howrah-Bhopal Express (Weekly)

4. Ajmer-Howrah / Sealdah Express (Weekly)

5. Dhanbad-Bhubaneswar Garib Rath Express (TRI Weekly)

6. Malda – Surat Express (Weekly)

7. Ranchi-Kamakhya Express (by Weekly)

8. Ranchi-Jaynagar Express (TRI Weekly)

9. Ranchi-Howrah Intercity Express (TRI Weekly)

10. Ranchi-Bhagalpur Express (TRI Weekly)

11. Ranchi-New Jalpaiguri Express (Weekly)

12. Hyderabad-Raxaul (Weekly)

13. Kelkata-Ahmedabad Express (Weekly)

The 6 passenger trains that have been canceled are –

1. Murai-dhanabad

2. Chandrapura-Bhojidih

3. Bokaro-Howrah

4. Ranchi-Dhanbad

5. Chandrapura-Dhanbad

6. Jhargram-Dhanbad
The seven trains which have been decided to run on the other side are among them.

1. Howrah- Ranchi Shatabdi Express via Gomoa

2. Havara Jabalpur Express via saktikunja GOMOH

3. Ranchi-Gorakhpur Maurya Express Via Gomo

4. Alleppey Express Via Gomo

5. Dhanbad – Ranchi Intercity – via Asansol

6. Ranchi-Dumka Intercity Via Asansol

7. Ranchi-Patna Pataliputra Express via Asansol


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