Clapping occurs due to stirring in water

 Clapping near a pond made in Bokaro district, water is stirred. It seems as if water is boiling in a vessel. People believe that bathing in this water causes skin diseases to cure. However, geo-scientific also could not solve its rule. 


– Located 27 km away from Bokaro, from this trunk called Dalai, summer gets cold and hot water in winter. 

– People believe that skin diseases are removed from it by bathing. Along with the same vows are also completed. 

– The water coming out of the Kunda is found in the Garga river through a small drain called Jamui. It is known as Dalai Kund. 


Scientists say these reasons

– Geologists believe that the temperature of water at such places is always the same. If the skin diseases are removed after bathing with water, then it means sulfur and helium gas is mixed. At the same time, playing clapping affects the water due to sound waves, but it is necessary to know how it comes from below.


Are thousands of people

– Every year there is a fair on Makar Sankranti every year since 1984. People arrive for a bath. 


– The tourism department has built its wall. After this nobody’s attention was noticed.


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