Meet the Prime Minister of the country who sent his own name for ‘Bharat Ratna’.

The state is very lucky in this country. Which runs from road to Parliament. Look at the house from the house after seeing you, most of you will be seen doing politics. There is an anecdote of politics between the state of affairs, which is more than 50 years ago but it is discussed. This is an anecdote of 1955.


Jawaharlal Nehru meets Bharat Ratna on Chacha Nehru was honored with the honor of Bharat Ratna on July 15, 1955. At that time, the President Dr. Rajendra Prasad honored him. But you must be surprised to hear that Pandit Nehru himself recommended his name. According to the rule, the Prime Minister sends some proposals to the President every year for Bharat Ratna. The President finals him and the gem is given.


When Jawaharlal Nehru was the Prime Minister in 1955, how can he get Bharat Ratna? These questions have been raised many times. It was an answer that Nehru ji, together with President Rajendra Prasad, had decided that he should get Bharat Ratna. The same happened with Indira Gandhi when she was given Bharat Ratna in 1971.
Bharat Ratna meets these facilities: –

There is always the first category of Air India and free travel in the first class of the Railways in India. Those who earn gems do not have to pay income tax for life. Z grade protection is provided when needed. State guests are provided in each state. They get every possible facility by the Indian Embassy in foreign travel. VVIP is given equal status.


On ‘Baahubali-The Game’ and more

While it continues to be a norm for every other Telugu movie to have an app of its own, that captures the essence of the movie, most of them lack shelf life and lose a major chunk of the download count within two weeks of the movie’s release. What Baahubali has done well beyond the movie is to recognise the time that the film team needs to give to bring out quality products, be it a game, a digital comic, an animation series or a book as an extension of their universe. On the eve of the ‘Baahubali- The Game’ launch in Hyderabad, Tanay Tayal and Mark Skaggs, co-founder and Director-Board member at Moonfrog Labs respectively, explain what it was like to associate with Baahubali, the brand.

Having co-created Farmville, Empire and Allies, CityVille, Treasure Isle, Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-earth and Command, Conquer Generals in the past, Mark Skaggs says, “Baahubali ’s my first Indian movie. We had also worked with Alia Bhatt on an app recently. It has been a special experience to collaborate with this team.” They were specific on creating a product that isn’t merely promotional. Mark adds, “Arka and SS Rajamouli trusted us, gave us the platform and wanted us to do a good job. It was a self-imposed challenge for us to stay as authentic as possible for the film. I just watched the movie over and over again and memorised the key moments, people like Tanay were around to fill in the gaps. Our goal was to not retell the movie, which happens with every odd game. Here, there’s an army, there are war elephants that you can command through the characters of the film, there are special tacts with each of them.” That’s been one reason behind the choice of a strategy genre (which could sustain interest for months after the film release) for the game.


The game, available in campaign and player versus player modes, is a test to the player’s skills as a general from Mahishmati who comes up with timely strategies to outsmart the Kalakeya tribe. The players here get to train an army, build defences and join forces with Baahubali, Kattappa and the other characters of Mahishmati. The goal for the player is to prove his/her skills in building a strong army and defend their rajya (outpost) well. Beyond the first version, they plan to add new content to the game over time, be it troops, battle notes and giving more personality and extending the Mahishmati universe.


Lord of the Rings was no doubt, a mega budget franchise, but working around the expectations and the hype around Baahubali was an exciting prospect for Mark. As a game-maker, he was fascinated by a project that featured diverse elements in the background, the logos, colours, styles, the designs of the kingdom and characters that completed the film. “Lord of the Rings was a big experience for the US, but Baahubali is a bigger experience for the Indian audience. Lord of the Rings was in books, there were geeks who knew the world in and out and appreciated the visual outcome. What Baahubali does through the movie and the game is to touch aspects surrounding Indian culture and be a story that every one can relate to. While Lord of the Rings took a lot of time, this one in terms of game development was faster, more over-the-top and exciting. The time constraints were a good challenge, sometimes they raise your creativity.” The game, he assures will grow on users from time to time. Mark still feels it’ll be difficult for a game to occupy a bigger space than the movie.


It wasn’t entirely Rajamouli and co that was brainstorming on the app. They had enough freedom to add their own touch to the game. What they had at hand was the grammar, the foundation of the story, Shobu and SS Rajamouli have given us all the freedom to do our bit, the coordination and the consistent interaction wasn’t difficult at all, reveals Tanay.

Moonfrog’s earlier efforts were targeted at a global audience, but with games surrounding Alia Bhatt, Teen Patti and Baahubali, their focus has shifted back to their roots.

Rajamoula’s movie ‘Bahubali 2’ has already been made several records before its release

Mumbai: SS Rajamoula’s movie ‘Bahubali 2’ has already been made several records before its release. The film has now taken another record, and it is the highest release of the screens. Prabhas and Rana durgawati biggest film of India now going to release on all over the India as cinema hall. All the friends of Bahubali 2 film car waiting for watch the conclusion of why kattappa killed Bahubali

Releasing date of Baahubali 2 is very closely and the booking of tickets in advance also started. All the friends ok Bahubali 2 already book first day first show ticket. Do Cinemas who have online facility of booking they are also started to message there customers for the booking of Bahubali 2 tickets.

Some of the cinema hall also I started getting discount for the selling of tickets.1280x720-Gcm

The film maker Rani Durgavati (Ballabdev) are expecting  the success of Bahubali 2. According to Times of India Tamil Nadu Big Cinema Hall SPI already started pre booking Bahubali 2 from 22 of April and first week records of the SPI cinema hall ticket booking only in 2 minutes.

There is also expecting that Kerala cinema halls ticket also getting full as soon as possible. The number of releasing cinema hall 6500 they are also expecting that movie got success. And breaking there own record also.

Why Poonam panday banned by Google

Love her or hate her but you can’t surely ignore her. She is model and actress Poonam Pandey who is known for her boldness and posting sizzling pictures on social media. The Nasha actress has yet again managed to grab headlines.

Poonam recently launched her app, The Poonam Pandey app, which she was promoting for a while now. However, much to her disappointment, Google suspended the app and banned it. Pandey herself informed the news on Twitter when she found her fans are facing problems in downloading the app. She posted, “Google has suspended the App..but the Android users can directly download #ThePoonamPandeyApp from my website”.

When her fans tried to access Poonam’s app on Play Store, Google gives the error message. The search giant had to ban the app as a lot of complaints were registered against it. However, the app is available on her website.