Something looks like scary Chandrapura-Dhanbad railway route at night

Something looks scary at night in the Chandpura-Dhanbad railway route, see the train in the Pili circle. This train line will stop from June 15, now it will not run forever, these 19 trains.

The 13 express trains which have been canceled are –

1.Darbhanga- Secunderabad Express (by Weekly)

2. Ranchi-Bhagalpur-Vannanchal Express (Daily)

3. Howrah-Bhopal Express (Weekly)

4. Ajmer-Howrah / Sealdah Express (Weekly)

5. Dhanbad-Bhubaneswar Garib Rath Express (TRI Weekly)

6. Malda – Surat Express (Weekly)

7. Ranchi-Kamakhya Express (by Weekly)

8. Ranchi-Jaynagar Express (TRI Weekly)

9. Ranchi-Howrah Intercity Express (TRI Weekly)

10. Ranchi-Bhagalpur Express (TRI Weekly)

11. Ranchi-New Jalpaiguri Express (Weekly)

12. Hyderabad-Raxaul (Weekly)

13. Kelkata-Ahmedabad Express (Weekly)

The 6 passenger trains that have been canceled are –

1. Murai-dhanabad

2. Chandrapura-Bhojidih

3. Bokaro-Howrah

4. Ranchi-Dhanbad

5. Chandrapura-Dhanbad

6. Jhargram-Dhanbad
The seven trains which have been decided to run on the other side are among them.

1. Howrah- Ranchi Shatabdi Express via Gomoa

2. Havara Jabalpur Express via saktikunja GOMOH

3. Ranchi-Gorakhpur Maurya Express Via Gomo

4. Alleppey Express Via Gomo

5. Dhanbad – Ranchi Intercity – via Asansol

6. Ranchi-Dumka Intercity Via Asansol

7. Ranchi-Patna Pataliputra Express via Asansol

There is a village in Jharkhand where no one can go enter without permission 

Tugalki order has been issued by Gram Sabha in Kattetand of Kolebira block of Simdega district. According to the order, no unidentified person can enter the village without permission of the Gram Sabha.

The sign board related to this has been placed at the entry point of the village. The said decision of the Gram Sabha is a matter of discussion in the area. After the decision, the people of other villages have been scared of going to the village. If in the village to meet a relative or other work, Then the gram sabhas of the village council will have to seek permission. According to the information, on June 6, the meeting of the Gram Sabha was chaired by Luther Suryan.

The decision was taken unanimously in the meeting. After the decision, no entry sign board was placed at the entry point of the village. When asked about Luther Suryan, he kept on defying the answer. However, he said that this decision is of the Gram Sabha. Here, on the question of Kunil Horo, the head of the Panchayat, he told that he has no information in this regard. Here, on the orders of the Deputy Commissioner, the in-charge and the BDO have seized the board after visiting the spot. Said that legal action will be taken against the issuing the order.

Bus accident on khooti-Simdega road

Khooti-Fierce bus accident on Simdega road, just collided with the tree. Conductor’s death with the same three members of the same family. More than a dozen injured, including four children, were taken to the hospital. Monica (Chanchal) was going to Kurndag from Ranchi at a very fast speed. The accident occurred near the village of Murhu police station area. According to the bus passengers, the bus was running the conductor, while the sailor was busy singing in loud voice and talking to the cell itself. In the accident, the bus was completely damaged, while many injured in the injured passengers, many of them were broken. Many have severe injuries in the head. Many passengers seriously injured were taken to the rims for better treatment after first aid.Immediately after the accident, Murabu’s Babbu Khan made the most cooperation in the removal of the injured from the bus. While approaching the hospital, BJP’s district president Kashinath Mahato, District Head Co-Head Jitendra Kashyap and Bijayumo’s District President Anoop Kumar Sahu, along with others, have reasonably supported the injured.


As soon as the news of the accident was received, a large number of police officers and jawans had reached the spot from the Torpa police station along with Murghu and Peg and assisted in the assistance of the injured passengers.

    The dead body of the deceased passengers was sent to Sadar Hospital for end examination. The atmosphere of this fierce tragedy area has become impatient.Minister of Jharkhand Co-Jharkhand Government Minister Nilkant Singh Munda expressed condolences over the accident and expressed condolences to the families of the dead. And wished the wounded quick health benefits

The free travel and free account was eaten by this man, the truth came from a phone call

Bokaro (Jharkhand)। A person, who was traveling in the Ranchi-Patna Janshatabdi expressing himself as Anti-Corruption Bureau’s ADG, was arrested on Saturday in Bokaro. In the interrogation, the man disclosed many fraudulent frauds. He often used to travel without tickets in the AC bogie of trains. Eating favorite food was also on the pretext of the investigation of the pantryman. The phone was done to the senior DCM …

-He called the senior DCM Neeraj Kumar Ranchi Railway Board a few days ago and said that he wants to drive a drive against the rampant corruption in the railway. 

It was the free travel and free account, this man food, this man came from a phone, its true
-Ara (Bihar) resident, Krishna Mahajan, who is traveling without ticket, has been caught by the Railway Monitoring team at Gangaghat station.
-After the arrest, he threatened to suspend officers of the Railway Monitor The ACB officers asked to talk to the phone. But the officers of the monitoring took her and listened to Bokaro.
-In Bokaro, RPF and GRP police searched him, then he got four different types of fake IDs, four ATMs, two shopping cards.

The family was also free to travel

-Mishra is also home in Ranchi. He often used to travel without tickets in the AC bogie of trains. In the course of the ticket inquiry, TTE threatened to call herself ACB’s ADG.
-Being a fake officer, he used to travel for free. The food was also eaten by the excuse of the investigation of the pantry of trains. Stating that the quality was poor, the pantist was threatening the manager.
-They also travel to relatives and eat food for free. In the interrogation, he was repeatedly trying to mislead the officers of RPF and GRP by telling Ranchi the wrong address.
-The arrested Mishra had also printed the fake letter head under the name of ACB ADG PR Naidu. To get acquaintances and relatives to train in trains, using fake letter head was used to reserve berth from VIP quota.
-Not only this, by sending a message to the railway officials in the name of ADG, the seat was conferred from the VIP quota. Rail officers are suspected of repeated letter head of ADG being used to release berths from VIP Kota. The information was given to the Railway Monitor and it was caught.
-On Saturday, Mishra was traveling in the AC bogie of the Ranchi-Patna Janshatabdi Express. In the same bogie, the team of already existing railway surveillance was monitoring his activities.
-The train was stopped at Gangaghat. Mishra felt that he had an eye on his activities. He started running. But the team grabbed him and grabbed him.

Tara Shahdev Case: Explaining the Torture Standing

The CBI filed a charge sheet against Rakibul alias Ranjit Kumar Kohli and his mother Kausher, who married the national shooter Tara Shahdev, who had betrayed him. According to the charge sheet, Rakibul and his mother Tara were forced to accept Islam forcibly. Tara’s mother-in-law had threatened her, saying, ‘Accept Islam, if not, then your bed will remain but man will change.’

The CBI has filed a charge sheet in the CBI Special Judge’s Fahim Kirmani court. According to the news of Dainik Bhaskar, many things recorded in the charge sheet filed against Raquib and his mother are very startling. The victim Tara had told in the complaint that there was a ban on her vermicelli.

Threatening to apply vermilion

Rakibul and his mother threatened to break hands and feet on vermilion. Tara said, Ranjit alias Raqibul Hassan used to draw many tactics to influence her for marriage. He was on the shooting range in the expensive trains with the officers. Tara believed that Rakibul used every possible effort to show himself a better person before marriage.

Girls’ pretend to help

She used to help girls coming to the shooting range Tara was impressed by the showy world of Ranjit. He felt that Ranjit could not have a good and influential person in this world. Tara believed that Ranjit’s reality started coming to him from the very first night of marriage.

Dowry done for dowry

Ranjit alias Raqibul is also accused of torturing Tara for dowry, while Saas and the then Jharkhand High Court’s then-Registrar (Vigilance) Mushtaq Ahmed are accused of creating criminal conspiracy. During the hearing all the accused have been instructed to issue summons to be present in the court. The next hearing of the case will be on June 1.

What was the case

The 23-year-old national shooter Tara Shahdev was married to Ranjit Kohli alias Raqibul on July 7, 2014. To marry, Raqibul had hidden his religion from Tara. 

Forced change of religion

When Rakibul’s truth came to light, he started torturing him. It is alleged that Tara’s physical and mental harassment was forcibly converted to forced conversion. The CBI started investigating this case in 2015. The main accused, Raqibul Hasan, is in jail since August 27, 2014, while his mother is out on bail.

Jamshedpur condition like Jammu Kashmir

Jamshedpur: In the case of four people killed in the murder of a child thief in Rajnagar, there was violence in many places in Jamshedpur on Saturday.Due to the fierce people being demonstrated in the protest, many places in Dhatkidih and Mango had to resort to lathi charge, air firing, tear gas and stone crusher to overcome the crowd. More than half a dozen policemen were injured in stone pelters made by the furious people. While the crowd entered and subdued inside the Mango Police Station, they also subdued.


According to the information, people at Dhatkidih burnt the tire and jammed the road at 8:30 in the morning. When the PCR DSP arrived there with the force, the people who were jumping on them pelted stones. His car was broken. Vehicle of Bistupur police station in-charge was also damaged. After a while, City SP Prashant Anand also reached there, people also pelted them. False TOP was also damaged. Due to lack of force, the police had to retreat and they came to Jusco Goalchakkar. After the mediation of some locals, people removed the jam and the situation could be overcome.

On the other hand, on Saturday morning, at around 8:30 am people started gathering at Zakir Nagar and Old Purulia Road of Mango. In Old Purulia Road, where there was a clash during an attempt to shut down the petrol pump, At the same time, the police threw inflammatory slogans in Jakirnagar road number one and two before. After that at 9.00 pm all turn started collecting near the mosque. A crowd of 400 to 500 people gathered there. The crowd, with the help of DSP KN Mishra, reached the spot and pushed the police and reached the crowd near Payal Tacciz. After reaching SSP Anoop T. Mathew, around 10 pm, the police lathi-charged to disperse the crowd. After a while, some furious people entered the inside of the Mango Police Station and subdued and demolished the station Jeep.. Meanwhile, Agadnagar’s road number one by the fierce people pelted stones at the police. At that time, RAF took the morcha and the stone-pelting and tear gas shells were abandoned to the people who were stone-pelting. Two policemen, including Uliidih police station in-charge Mukesh Chaudhary, were injured in stone pelting. The Raf’s men pushed the crowd to the Chepa bridge and managed to overcome the situation. But then the people of the other group gathered and pelted stones at Munshi Mohalla. Many shops were damaged. After that the police had to use force here too.

What is the case
Two days ago, four people were beaten to death in the village of Shobapur and Padnamasai in Rajnagar on charges of child thief. It was all connected to the same community. On the demand of compensation for the kin of the dead and the arrest of the culprits, the Muslim Ekta Manch was preparing to remove the human chain on Saturday. Also, shops were announced to keep closed. Since Saturday morning, people started gathering in many places. But violence spread due to the rush of the crowd.

SSP Anoop T. Matthew of Jamshedpur has said that there has not been a case of theft of a child. Some people are spreading rumors through social media. He has said that we have started the work of marking rumors. They have appealed to the villagers that they live in peace and do not need to guard them in the village in the rumor of the child thief. They said that the culprits will be given a severe punishment.

Can Change a Cut-Off Formula

Image: Delhi University

 Delhi University may change the cut-off formula for admission to undergraduate courses. The DU administration recently held a meeting with the Principal of all the colleges on appeal to the CBSE. In this, it was considered that this time, due to the change in the number of moderation policy, the CBSE students did not get a chance to get a chance.

The cbse has demanded that the CBSE students also got the full chance in DU admissions. In fact, CBSE has changed the issue policy this time. Under the first issue moderation policy, the test takers were given 15% more marks if the questions were difficult in a particular question paper.

For example, if a student has achieved a smart number in a subject of 17 and the board feels that the paper was difficult, then 15 numbers were given extra,In this way, overall, his flowering was 75. You will not give this kind of insertion point to CBSE students. In December 2016, the CBSE had appealed to the Human Resource Development Ministry to persuade all state boards to make changes in Points Model and Policy, Otherwise, they may have to suffer loss in admission to graduate course.

Stay on Jadhav’s hanging Case

In the case of Kulbhushan Jadhav, the International Court of India has won a major victory from the court, ICJ on Thursday. Judge banned Jadhav’s hanging till the last verdict. At the same time, Pakistan has refused to accept the decision of the international court adopting a formidable approach.
ICJ President Ronnie Abraham told Pakistan to give permission to meet Indian officials and Yadav’s family Court ruled that Jadhav’s life is in danger The court said that the Vienna Treaty does not mean that the spying and terrorism accused should not be allowed political diplomatic so that hearing in his case is his right
Abraham said that Pak Jadhav’s hanging should be given to the court in full details of the operation of the disease. It is worth mentioning that the military court of Pakistan had on April 10 sentenced Kulbhushan Jadhav to death for espionage and terrorism.

What is the Vienna agreement???

Kulbhushan Jadhav (file photo)

What is the Vienna agreement

This is an international agreement, Under which a citizen of a country is detained in another country ,He will have the right to meet the officials of the High Commission or Embassy of his country. The full name of this agreement is ‘Optional Protocol to the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations Concerning Compulsory Settlement of Disabilities, 1963’.

– India signed the agreement in November 1977 and Pakistan in March 1976 

Possible to stop hanging without hearing?

Under the agreement, Article 74 of the rules of ICJ, Under paragraph 4, any member of the Chief of ICJ can request a ban on hanging from the country without hearing.

Why did not India go to ICJ in the torture and murder case of Indian Army officer Saurabh Kalia? This matter does not come under the purview of ICJ, as per the Declaration of India’s September 18, 1974

– Controversies related to animosity, fighting, self-defense do not come under its purview.

– Controversy arising from all agreements in which all parties are not part of the agreement or the government’s consent on this does not fall within its purview.

Pak was also in favor of decision

India has filed a case in ICJ after 46 years. Prior to this, in 1971, after the abduction of the Indian Airlines Airlines aircraft in 1971, the ICJ reached the ICJ for flying rights of Pakistani aircraft in their airspace. Although the court’s decision came in favor of Pakistan.

Pakistan will follow the instructions of ICJ?
ICJ has stated on its website that its orders are fully binding And Since all members of the United Nations are sworn in to accept the order of the international court, Therefore, it is not possible to not implement his decision. 

Although there are some exceptions, Because the international court does not have any direct power to enforce its order. 

Not implemented, So he could apologize to United Nations Security on this. In such a situation where the army’s decision in Pakistan is final. In such a situation if the Sharif government wishes to accept the decision of the ICJ, will the army accept it? This is a great question.

What is icj

ICJ is the important judicial body of the United Nations. It was founded in Hewel, Holland, in 1945, and began working since 1946.

– The ICJ has 15 judges who are elected by the United Nations General Assembly and the Security Council for nine years.

– Its official language are en and French .

What is the jurisdiction?

According to ICJ’s website, its work is to resolve legal disputes between the two countries and to give opinion on legal questions raised by authorized UN bodies and special agencies. That is, it has three special duties –

1. According to international law, it decides on legal disputes.

2. Shows judgment on dispute between the two sides.

3. The UN gives opinions on the requests of the units.