Can Change a Cut-Off Formula

Image: Delhi University

 Delhi University may change the cut-off formula for admission to undergraduate courses. The DU administration recently held a meeting with the Principal of all the colleges on appeal to the CBSE. In this, it was considered that this time, due to the change in the number of moderation policy, the CBSE students did not get a chance to get a chance.

The cbse has demanded that the CBSE students also got the full chance in DU admissions. In fact, CBSE has changed the issue policy this time. Under the first issue moderation policy, the test takers were given 15% more marks if the questions were difficult in a particular question paper.

For example, if a student has achieved a smart number in a subject of 17 and the board feels that the paper was difficult, then 15 numbers were given extra,In this way, overall, his flowering was 75. You will not give this kind of insertion point to CBSE students. In December 2016, the CBSE had appealed to the Human Resource Development Ministry to persuade all state boards to make changes in Points Model and Policy, Otherwise, they may have to suffer loss in admission to graduate course.


Army officer Wife sent PM Narendra Modi  56 inch bra

 The matter is from Haryana’s Fatehabad. The reason is being said, the vandalism done by Pakistan with the bodies of the soldiers. In the last days on the border, the family of a former soldier in the district has become so angry with the presence of soldiers with the help of the soldiers.That he sent 56-inch underwear to Prime Minister Narendra Modi through the Sainik Board reminding him of the promises made before the election. 

Fatehabad district’s ex-serviceman Dharmaveer Kajla and his wife Suman have also sent a memorandum along with an underwear on Thursday, In which he has been reminded that before the election, when Hemraj’s head of Mathura was cut off by Pakistani soldiers So he had tensed on the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh that nothing would be possible to send a love letter to Pakistan, He will have to answer in the same language. 

As soon as Suman placed underwear and memorandum before the officers of the District Sainik Board, The officers of the Sainik Board came in and once, they put the burglar in the side But when her husband and ex-serviceman Dharmaveer Kajla, who was present with Suman, opposed it, after reading the full memorandum, the authorities assured to send the memorandum and the intruder to the Prime Minister’s Office. 

During this whole sentence, besides the officers and employees of the District Sainik Board, people who came there were also competing to see the whole sentences. Later speaking to the media, former Soldier Dharmaveer Kajla and his wife Suman said that as a former soldier, our blood clutches arise when our soldiers on the border are suffering. 

Enemy soldiers kill them and cut their heads off. Suman said that despite the gun in Kashmir, the army personnel could not do anything. In such a scenario, the minister and the prime minister, sitting in Delhi, just blow a bombshell and accept the duty of their duty.. It should not happen. He said that today by sending the 56-inch armor to the Prime Minister, we have reminded him of his promise that he should now show the 56-inch chest to the enemy country and give the army authority to act.

A meeting was held for the Naxal-affected states under the leadership of Home Minister Shri Rajnath Singh.

Under the leadership of Home Minister Shri Rajnath Singh, the Chief Ministers of the Naxal-affected states joined the meeting held in New Delhi. 

National Defense Advisor Mr. Ajit Doval, Union Home Secretary, senior officials of the states have also been included in this. It will be discussed on the shared strategy of tackling the Naxal problem.

  • Government also decided that in future review meetings, apart from sectoral progress we will also review district wise progress in key areas.
  •  focus is on boosting solar equipment manufacturing. The energy sector will gain & employment opportunities will also increase.